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Men's Health Week 10-16 June 2019.

Depression - Get Up Get Dressed & Do Your Best - Book Launch - QLD

About Chris
I had a 22-year career in the Royal Australian Air Force, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Type One while I was away in 2004 on attachment as the Head Coach of the RAAF National Rugby Union Team, I was aged forty at the time and was subsequently medically discharged from the Air Force in 2006.
I basically took my medication and thought that would be it for my Bipolar but in 2009 it came back in a big manic way; I lost my job as a Mining Sales Manager, separated from my wife and daughter and spent over a hundred thousand dollars. I then went through a stage of having a manic high episode yearly followed by bouts of depression. There is always a huge cost to me losing a relationship or job or sometimes both.
I experienced bouts of Severe Depression, where thoughts of Suicide entered my mind, if not for thoughts of my daughter Jasmine, I not sure where it may have led. I am also very thankful for my friend Jaye for her continued support and for sharing the story of losing her own mother when she was a teenager; also for the tools and technique’s she has taught me to stress-less.
I have been in the Public Mental Health system including Nambour Hospital a number of times. Each time I have learnt and grown and become more resilient. I currently use a Bipolar Management Plan and a number of strategies to remain well at work and home.
Five out of seven my manic episodes I have had the police involved, with them taking me to hospital. One episode in January 2012 I had charges filed of Assault of Police, Public Nuisance and Driving Under the Influence. Luckily I had these charges dropped through the Mental Health Court.
2012 was a bad year for me with three episodes; I was on my medication in the lead up to each episode. I realise now that having Bi Polar is bloody hard work and you need a variety of treatments to manage the Illness. It’s 2019 now and I have only had one episode since 2012 due to Jaye, my Bipolar Management Plan and other strategies.
The song by Soul Asylum “Runaway Train” has some great lines that bring back memories.
“Like a madman laughing' at the rain
Little out of touch, a little insane”
One episode I have been Manic dancing in the rain one night in Brisbane CBD, dressed only in a T-shirt; I guess people watching would have thought, a little out of touch a little insane. This book came from my owned lived experience of Depression. These are suggestions to get you out of bed, off the couch, to the kitchen or outside. Anything to get you out of the dark place, if you cannot get out of bed you cannot see a specialist or doctor when needed.
I realised from these experiences that with Depression you are hurting that much, that you just want the pain to go away, and you think about options to do this. In a Mania episode the thoughts are more of an impulse and you are not concerned about the consequences. I hope some of my words and pictures inspire you to choose a different path, one of better health.
Chris Filmer - Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Mental Health Advocate – chrisfilmer25@gmail.com - 0499 592 112

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Location Depression - Get Up Get Dressed & Do Your Best - Book Launch - QLD


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