Gentlemen, check your engines!

It’s time to take a ‘Pit Stop’ and get your health on track.

Men’s Health Week is from 10 – 16 June and staff from the DCCHS will be putting men in the driver’s seat by operating health ‘Pit Stops’ from 10am to 12.30pm on Friday 14 June at the 1770 Bowls Club.

Men are invited to participate and measure their roadworthiness (health status) by running through a series of stations (health checks) including:

  • Oil levels – blood pressure
  • Fuel additives – nutrition
  • Chassis check – waist ratio
  • Exhaust – smoking
  • Spark plugs – alcohol intake

Men who pass most of the ‘Pit Stop’ stations will get a ‘Roadworthy’ certificate for their body, and those who fail more than two individual stations will be presented with a ‘Work Order’ sticker.

Relevant health manuals (resources) will be available for each test.

A healthy morning tea and lunch will be provided for a small charge.

The recipes will also be made available.

Everyone is welcome, please bring your partners.